Are Do-It-Yourself Teeth Whitening Solutions Really Effective?

Published: 12th September 2011
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Teeth Whitening treatments were originally restricted to dental offices, just like most other cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, the unexpected popularity of this treatment led to the development of a variety of do-it-yourself solutions. Many teeth whitening dentists began offering at-home whitening kits. Over-the-counter whitening kits and do-it-yourself gels, strips and whitening toothpastes also became popular because of their low cost and simplicity of application.

However, the effectiveness of most of the do-it-yourself tooth whitening options remains a debatable issue. The product range is vast, and the DIY kits are available in different prices ranging from $10 to $250. Many teeth whitening dentists are not in favor of the idea of do-it-yourself whitening solutions. These treatments are usually based on peroxide as a bleaching agent. This chemical can cause tooth irritation or gum sensitivity if it is used improperly. In absence of dental supervision, the risk of causing oral harm with peroxide is much higher, particularly if the treatment is used excessively.

But some experts in the field of cosmetic dentistry favor the use of DIY teeth whitening kits. The concentration of the bleaching agent is low, especially if it is an over-the-counter product. This minimizes the chances of harm to the teeth or gums. At the same time, if the patient uses such products that are approved by the American Dental Association and made by reputed manufacturers in the field, it is a fairly safe proposition.

Effectiveness of do-it-yourself whitening procedure may not be very high, but most such products provide marginal benefits. This is the underlying reason for their growing popularity. Whitening toothpastes, strips and gels may not be so effective because they do not involve the use of mouth trays. Without a mouth tray, it becomes difficult to maintain a longer contact between the bleaching agent and the teeth. Therefore, if the patient follows proper instructions and uses a teeth whitening kit which includes mouth trays, he or she can expect at least a marginal improvement in the shade of teeth.

Most Teeth Whitening dentists offer the option of in-office and at-home teeth whitening systems to their patients. The patient may choose an option depending on his or her needs. In-office procedure is relatively faster, and the results may also be superior. To find out more visit

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